Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Jayden

Yesterday was the birthday of Tucker's very best buddy, Jayden. Jayden and his Mommy play with Tucker all day long on days Mommy works. Jayden's birthday party was last weekend.
This little boy knows how to party!!!He was slightly unsure at first....But one little taste is all it took to go from THIS! "I think I'll wash this down with some milk now."
Love from Mommy, so sweet! :)

I'm not sure if Daddy & Mommy realized it or not, but I think what Jayden really wanted for his birthday was a doggy like Tucker's!Just to show you how much Tucker loves Jayden, here are some pictures from a day that Jayden surprised Tucker when he woke up from a nap.
They were SO excited to see each other!Tucker loves to give Jayden hugs and kisses :)
Best Buds!


p.s. Jayden's Mommy has a brand new blog. Check it out here. Trust me, it's bound to be very entertaining; after all, her facebook status updates alone have me laughing out loud sometimes! :)

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Mama Webb said...

What sweet pictures! I can testify that these boys are like brothers. It's so cute to watch!