Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finally On the Mend

The past several days have been rough.

Not only has Tucker had Strep Throat, but we pretty much concluded he has had a stomach bug on top of it.
Between explosive diarrhea (you know, the how-do-I-even-pick-you-up-let-alone-get-these-clothes-off-of-you-guess-it-will-be-ANOTHER-bath-should-I-just-get-the-scissors-and-start-cutting kind of diarrhea), the projectile vomit, forcing disgusting medicine down my toddler's throat, disinfecting the house, and washing sheets, blankets, lovies, and the bumper over and over, I am worn out!

Finally, Tucker really started to feel better yesterday. He felt like eating and was able to keep it down without an explosion at one end or the other. We only had one dirty diaper yesterday!!!! (This is where you stand up and clap, folks!

I kept him home from church today because I just couldn't deal with the possibility that he might be exposed to any more germs within minutes of finally feeling better.

Yeah, today I'm that kinda mom. The kind that spots a runny nose from across the room and gives the kid's mother a death glare that says, "Keep your kid as far away from mine as possible. How dare you bring him out with the sniffles."

Tomorrow I'll be back to my a-little-snot-never-hurt-anyone old self.

But today, Tucker's in his bubble. For one last day.

One last day because I think if Tucker and I have to stay bottled up in this house one more day we both might lose it.

(We're also ready for some warmer weather around these parts!)

Here's to hoping you and your little ones are healthy and that we can all stay that way!


Jeanne said...

Sorry he has been so sick! That is NO fun for mommy either! Sounds like he had it REAL bad! Hopefully you can make it thru the rest of the season without anything more than a runny nose!

melissaballard said...

I hate stomach bugs! Way worse than strep! You got a double whammy. I don't blame you at all for staying in the "bubble" today. I've been stir crazy myself... Glad he is feeling better and I'm glad you and wes didn't get it!

Stover's site said...

man - I've been stir crazy too. Jonathan didn't get strep, but he did have croup at the beginning of the week. We stayed home all week and finally ventured out to Mamaw's on Friday night. Other than that, we stayed put. And even though he still has a little nagging cough, we got our for church today since we had to do nursery. Stir crazy is in the water - we need to play SOON!

Mama Perks said...

You are a SUPERMOM for hanging in there. Sounds like you're almost in the clear so here's hoping that this week is healthy and germ-free at the Keene Household :)

Anonymous said...

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This way, when the yuckies come you can peel off a later, throw it in the washer and get on with whatever it was you were doing before the throw-ups. The End. Amen.

Mama Webb said...

We missed Tucker Bug, but I completely understand why you kept him home. Little germies are floating around everywhere these days. And I would say you have dealt with your quota of germies for a good six months. Love ya:).