Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tucker's Dad

He's definitely pretty cool (notice Tucker's bib says, "My Dad is cooler than your Dad" lol!)... He LOVES his boy...

He's sacrificial (even if it hurts a little)...

He's strong and supportive...

He's loving, caring and patient...

Tucker's Dad.

Tucker, your Daddy is the best!
He taught you how to give high fives.
He taught you that noises resembling burps (and other bodily functions) are funny, and taught you how to make those noises on Mommy's arm.
He makes you laugh, even when you're too tired.
He'll run to the store just so you have your favorite food for dinner.
He'll bring you into Mommy and Daddy's bed if you get up in the middle of the night, even when Mommy says you have to stay in your bed.
His favorite thing to do is take a nap with you on the couch in the basement.
He has bought you every UK outfit and paraphernalia he has come across.
He makes sure you have the coolest toys.
He sings silly songs and makes silly noises just because you think it's so funny.
He works hard to make sure you and Mommy have everything we need or want.
He emulates Godly love, unconditional love.
Your Daddy is the best!
Happy 1st Father's Day, Daddy. From Mommy and Tucker Bug. We love you! :)

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Jeanne said...

sweet pictures!!! Tucker has a GREAT daddy! It only gets better too! Mark is starting to be Bernie's little shadow. Likes to 'fix' stuff. Its pretty cute.