Monday, June 28, 2010

Day #2

Hey Daddy!

How are things in Chicago? Mommy and I miss you SO much! Mommy says she misses you more than I do but I know that I miss you the most! Mommy says if we stay busy that it will make the time go by faster, so that's what we've been trying to do!

I've been playing with my toys.....

....but it's just not the same without you here to play silly games with me! Plus, when I get stuck under the couch, Mommy takes pictures instead of getting me out right away, can you believe that?!

Then, Mommy and I played hide-and-seek. Don't tell Mommy, but she's not very good at hiding because I found her every time!

Next, we read stories. You know how much I love to read!

Today I even helped Mommy in the kitchen. I thought if I helped her she would make me something really yummy to eat, like a baked potato or toast, or give me some shredded cheese, you know, some of my favorites. But this is what she wanted me to eat:My thoughts exactly! Mommy thought she would be sneaky and make french toast using oatmeal and some of my yucky baby food that I don't like to eat. I saw right through that! No thanks! Pass the Cheerios please!

After me and Mommy took a nap we headed to Memaw and Papa's to take care of Mia and Tessa. And guess what! My friend, Eli, and his Mommy went with us! We swam in the pool and had a great time!

Well, until I got sleepy. Mommy said I just had such a long day trying to stay busy that I was tuckered out. So, Mommy gave me a bath and got me ready for bed. But before heading home, Eli and I played on Memaw and Papa's bed.

And that boy Eli sure does love me!And I love him too!

Well, Daddy, I can't wait for you to come home! I love you and Mommy said to tell you that she loves you too!


melissaballard said...

So much fun! Eli has said baby Tucker multiple times today. :)

Jeanne said...

Those pics are priceless! I especially like Tucker's facial expression in the one he gets stuck under the couch and when Eli is hugging his neck! Precious!!!! Too fun!