Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day #1

So, Wes is in Chicago for a conference for work for a few days.... This is the first time he has left Tucker overnight, so I promised to keep him "super updated" on our daily "happenings". Well, today was pretty busy with a lot of rip-running around. We went from Shelbyville to Louisville to Shelbyville to Louisville to Shelbyville to Henry Co to Shelbyville. Whew! I'm worn out just from typing all that!

First, we took Daddy and one of his co-workers who Tucker loves :), Marcy, to the airport than hurried back for church. Next, we met Aunt Bridgette for lunch and visited with her at her house, then made a quick stop at home to feed Baby and Lacy before heading to Memaw and Papa's to take care of their dogs while they're on vacation. We're finally home!

I know I promised you I would take lots and lots of pictures, but it's been so busy I've only taken a few. (Plus, you have the small camera and the big one just isn't as easy to lug around and whip out, but that's okay!)

So, for the shots I was able to take:

Here is Tucker and Aunt Bridgette at lunch. And since you know your son very well I don't have to tell you that it took about 5 shots just to get him to look at the camera because he was WAY more interested in the plant behind him, the blinds on the window, the menus and silverware on the table, the couple seated in the booth across from us, and pretty much anything else that he thought he might be able to get his hands on. Oh wait! I just looked at the pics again and actually he never did look at the camera! Well, here are a couple of the attempts anyway.

Oh, and Tucker likes the mashed potatoes at Chili's. He even tolerated Mommy mixing in some organic banana raspberry oatmeal. (Imagine that!)

The next couple pics, well I know you probably don't need any explanation, but I will give a little info anyway....

Apparently Baby and Lacy thought that Mommy and Tucker had come and gone one too many times. Uh, actually, let me rephrase that: Apparently BABY thought that Mommy and Tucker had come and gone one too many times, because we both know this has Baby written all over it:

In case you can't tell, those are Tucker's wipes sprawled across the floor. You can see the guilt on Baby's face. (And yes, she stayed in that spot from the time she heard the garage door open till I made her go outside.)And then there's poor Lacy who doesn't have a clue that the mess behind her is actually a bad thing.... Before you ask, yes I did get on them but not too much. They were good all day and generally pretty tolerable of us leaving them in the house alone all day.

Oh, Tucker and I found the herbs that we were given about a month ago at church and told to take home and plant! We planted them and as you can see, are anxiously awaiting some sprouts. (And for those of you who are reading this that know what these are, I promise that our delay in planting these are in no way a reflection of our commitment to the mission of our church! If you could see the mess that is growing in our garage you would understand how innocently placing them on the table in there upon returning from church that day with the honest intention of planting them within a reasonable time could quickly turn into, "Well if we knew where they were...")

So, that's pretty much it as far as today's pictures go.... But, I did want to leave you with just a small reminder (not that you need it!) of just how much your son loves you:

Disclaimer: For anyone out there who may be reading this and thinking that my being home alone with my son makes me some kind of target in any way, shape or form, you should know that I shot my first 8-point buck at the age of 12 from about 100 yards away. (No joke.) Oh, and my dogs bite to kill!

Tucker and I love you, Daddy! We miss you already and can't wait for you to come home! We hope that you're learning a lot and are having a good time! :)

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melissaballard said...

Whew! That wore me out just reading it! Tucker is such a little trooper. Had a great time with ya'll tonight!