Monday, April 12, 2010

Grass & Toes!

Wes got home early from work today so he picked Tucker up from the sitter's. When I pulled into the driveway, I saw my boys sitting on the front porch and the dogs playing in the front yard. I LOVE this weather! And, there's nothing better than coming home to my two favorite people in the whole world! When I saw Wes sitting there with Tucker on his lap, it immediately made me smile! I LOVE my boys!!!!

Here are a few pics of Tucker enjoying this evening's weather. I think he's as ready for summer as I am! :)

"That looks like a cool piece of grass!"

"Good thing I've been working on my fine motor skills!"

"Mommy and Daddy, this is SO COOL! I think I like this outside place!"

There's nothing like putting your toes in cool grass! :)

I sure can't wait to spend the whole summer with my Bubby! :)


Jeanne said...

Summer time IS so much fun!!! Tucker is sooo cute! I love his sweet smile!

Linz said...

Oh my goodness. Our boys are CLONES of their daddys! And look GORGEOUS in the last pic of you holding TuckerBug. PS...your hair looks THAT good at the end of the school day...JEALOUS.