Sunday, April 11, 2010

4 & 5 Months

My Sweet, Sweet Tucker,
Mommy missed your 4 month letter and this one is definitely late.... You are now three days away from being 6 months! I just thought I should update you a little on what you've been up to the past couple months! Firstly, I cannot believe you are already a few days shy of 6 months! Everyone told me time would FLY by but nobody said it would literally race by at the speed of an Olympic runner racing in the 100 meter dash! On Saturday morning, Daddy and I were playing with you in our bed and I said, "Can you believe we have a son?! AND, he is THIS perfect?!" Some days it is still so surreal, I just have to pinch myself to believe it! I don't know what I did to deserve you, and really, I probably don't deserve you, but I sure am glad God decided I needed you! :)

Speaking of Saturday mornings, they are my FAVORITE time! Up until last week, you slept through the night, until about 6:30. So, on Saturday mornings, Mommy would bring you back to bed with me and Daddy for some cuddle time. We sleep a couple more hours and then the three of us will play a little in bed when we wake up. I say "up until last week" because sometime last week you started getting up once through the night. I think your little soon-to-be teeth may be the cause of this. Whatever it is, I hope we figure it out and get back to our old ways because that 15 minute interuption to nurse and return you to bed is wearing Mommy out :)

Well, you are one big boy! At your 4 month appointment, you were 15 pounds, 7 ounces (60%) and 27 inches long (100%). When people ask us how old you are and we tell them, a lot of times they respond with, "Wow, what are you all feeding that boy?!" Daddy, in his typical humorous self, answers, "Tiff feeds him heavy whipping cream." (Get it, instead of "milk" haha!) He then follows with, "Just wait until we start feeding him food!" Yeah, we haven't started any of that 'fun' stuff yet. You're still just exclusively on breast milk. We're thinking we'll try some cereal soon though.

Speaking of breast milk.... Remember all that milk that Mommy has stored in the freezer? Yeah, well you don't like it! That's right, you pretty much refuse frozen milk, definitely preferring the fresh stuff. I can't say that I blame you. I tried the frozen milk compared to the fresh milk and I agree that the fresh stuff rocks in comparison. That's okay though. Mommy will sneak that frozen milk into some smoothies for you later on :) So, what Mommy pumps at work you eat the next day at the sitter's.

The biggest change since your 3 month letter is that Mommy returned to work when you were 15 1/2 weeks old. This has been a very hard transition for Mommy and I wish I could say that it has gotten easier, but it's still hard. Aunt Annie takes really good care of you and you love watching and playing with Morgan and Cole, but Mommy misses you SO MUCH through the day! We have a little over 2 months until summer break. I'm counting down the days....

Other changes since 3 months.... Well, you rolled over for the first time at 3 1/2 months. Both Daddy and I got to see you do it! Now you're pretty much a pro at it. You're also starting to get up on your knees which is so cute! You put your butt in the air and then kick your legs and expect to have moved closer to a toy. You're getting there! :)

You are without a doubt one happy baby boy! You laugh ALL the time! As a matter a fact, you have decided that laughing is not good enough in terms of expressing the excitement that you feel when playing, so you have resorted to screaming. I mean S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G! When you play, especially with Daddy, you get so excited that you scream as loud and as long as you can! Then, since Mommy and Daddy find it so funny, you do it again! Yes, you are quite the entertainer. You love for us to cheer for you! When you're doing something, like playing in your excersaucer or jumperoo, you look to make sure we're watching you. All we have to do is make eye contact with you and you crack up! :)

Here lately you have decided that Daddy is just a little bit cooler than Mommy. You literally light up when he comes home. All he has to do is walk into the room and you immediately start cracking up! Mommy loves watching you and Daddy together. You have such an amazing father. You are one lucky little boy. You are his world and he would do absolutely anything just to make you smile!
You are just so sweet! You have such a sweet smile that says, "I love you, Mommy!" When you're nursing, you rub my cheek to let me know you love me. When I'm holding you, you put your arms around my neck and "snuggle me" (that's what we call it). And, oh my goodness Tucker, does Mommy love you! There are no words that come close to expressing my love for you. I have no idea what life was like before you came into it.

Oh my goodness! I almost forgot! A major change since your 3 month letter is that you are in your big boy crib now. We made the transition from your bassinett a few days after your turned 3 months. You made the transition like a pro, it was nothing for you. You slept through the night that first night just like you had always been there. The truth is, Mommy would still like for you to be in your bassinett because your room just seems so far away, but you were just literally too big for your bassinett, so Mommy really didn't have much choice! It helps that I finally convinced Daddy that we needed a video monitor. Now all I have to do to check on you is push the botton and I can see you sleeping soundly! (On your side, that's how you sleep :)

Well, that's all for now. Afterall, in only a few days I'll need to update you with your 6 month stuff :)
Mommy loves you way more than you will ever know!

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