Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Well, we survived your first Easter! I say "survived" because we sure were busy this past weekend! I knew it was going to be a long day Saturday when this is how you started out:

But the 30 minutes it took us to drive from our house to Papa & Memaw's was enough of a cat nap to get you ready for the festivities! Some loving from Papa and you were all bright eyed and bushy tailed! You were definitely way more into the activities Memaw had planned than taking a family picture!
"Are those eggs over there?!"
While we colored Easter eggs, several came close to ending up in your mouth! We haven't even started you on rice cereal yet and you're already diving into hard boiled eggs! When Mommy wouldn't give you any of those bright colored eggs, I guess you thought you would try your luck with Aunt Holli!
After all the fun with the eggs, you found out that the Easter Bunny had visited Memaw's house a day early and left an Easter basket for you. Just like the Easter Bunny used to hide an Easter basket for Mommy when I was a little girl, he hid one for you. It was in Papa and Memaw's room, right by one of your pictures!

"Look Mommy what Daddy and I found!" One of your big cousins, Makenzie, helped you see what was inside.... "What is this? A duck in a bunny suit?!" "What??!! It sings and moves?! Mama, check this out!" After all the excitement of playing with your new toys, you were tuckered out! You missed the Easter egg hunt because you were taking a nap. But, you woke up refreshed and ready to soak up some sun! :) Daddy and Mommy went for a ride....while Memaw rocked you on the porch swing, one of your favorite things! What a busy day! It was time to head home. And, wouldn't you know it, the Easter Bunny visited Mommy at home!

Mommy didn't know that Daddy was going to talk to the Easter Bunny about what to get Mommy, or Mommy would have told him what to get Daddy.... :(

Easter Sunday was just as busy! First, we had church and Sunday School. You looked SO cute in your Easter outfit! Mommy couldn't resist taking lots of pictures of you and Daddy :)

"Sure is bright out here! Where are my shades?"

Yeah, Mommy needed her shades too! :) After church, it was time to head to Springfield to visit Nana and all our family there. Nana sure does love you! "Boy, it sure has been a long weekend....These toys Daddy is trying to entertain me with just ain't doing it!" Finally, it was all over and time to head home.

"Daddy, are your sure you don't want me to drive?" (Please note: the car was NOT moving in this picture! We would NEVER drive without Tucker in his car seat. He decided he needed to eat before we could make it home, so we pulled over to satisfy his hunger!)

After such a busy weekend, it is nice to be home. But, sometimes in all that "celebrating" we can get lost in what we're celebrating. We're celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Our God is very much a living God and is alive today. On Easter Sunday, during Sunday School, we heard an amazing testimony to just how alive our God is and how he is working in our lives, even when we don't know it. I hope that each of you are reminded, not just on Easter and other holidays, but every day just how much God loves you!

Happy first Easter, Tucker Bug! God loves you and so do I!


Mommy :)

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