Monday, October 26, 2009

You Might Be a Mom of Newborn If......

You might be the mom of a newborn if....

* It's 2:45 pm and not only have you not showered, but you haven't brushed your teeth, washed your face, or put on deodorant yet.

* It's 4:00 pm and you suddenly realize that the reason you're already hungry for dinner is because not only have you skipped lunch, but breakfast as well.

* You have had multiple very sophisticated conversations about bodily functions, namely poop.

* Your dogs look at you like you've neglected them for so long that they are beginning to think if they run away and get caught by the dog catcher, they may have a more lush life.

* You suddenly find yourself developing a deep appreciation for dairy cows.

* A 10 minute shower feels like a spa day.

* You feel well-rested if you get a 3-hour span of sleep.

* You no longer have use for an alarm clock.

*Getting "dressed up" now has an entirely different meaning, and more than likely, includes sweat pants.

* You look into the eyes of the little 7 pound human living in your house and you absolutely melt and think how everything is so worth it and you wouldn't change one single sleepless moment!!!!


Mama Perks said...

Tiff-those sweatpants will be your best friend for many weeks to come-probably in company with loose t-shirts sans bra. Speaking's the breastfeeding going? If you need tips, or have any strange questions-DON'T hesitate to email me as Henry and I are smooth-sailing these days in the nursing department. Also, you better put some new pics of Tucker Bug up soon!!!

Stover's site said...

I agree with mama perks... sweat pants rock - and makeup is a thing of the past. I felt like a cow all the time - when Jacob was born, Billy asked if we'd moved to Africa since I just walked around with no shirt on all the time.:)Sounds like you're adjusting so great to mommyhood.

Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

Great post, Tiff. I especailly love the one about how a shower feels like a spa. The occassional shower really was what kept me going early on. I would just drown out any noise that might have been going on b/c I knew that Walker was taken care of by someone else (usually Leedle) and enjoy a few minutes of "me" time. Ahhhh. To feel clean and free for a few moments:).