Saturday, October 10, 2009

Update on Mommy & Tucker--37 weeks

First, everything is good. Tucker is looking great, doing everything he's supposed to in order to get ready for life outside Mommy's belly. His heartbeat is always perfect and strong, he is growing just as he should be, he is a very active little guy, and his breathing is always great!

However, what Mommy was hoping would not happen during her pregnancy has occurred....I am officially on bed rest. I think it sounds much more serious than it actually is. It's actually a preventative/proactive measure, nothing serious is going on right now. I have had a couple visits to the doctor where my blood pressure is elevated. Not severely elevated and not always elevated, it fluctuates from normal to mildly elevated. (Even within one office visit, it can go from normal to slightly elevated in a 45 minute time span.) To be honest with you, I think it's because I have come to consider a simple blood pressure check as this "test" I have to pass, which causes some anxiety, ultimately artificially elevating my blood pressure... But, because I have some excellent doctors, they want to make sure this high blood pressure thing doesn't develop into something more serious, such as Preeclampsia. Now, it is important to note that I do not have any other symptoms of Preeclampsia. My blood pressure is not consistently elevated, I do not have protein in my urine, my lab work always comes back normal (which they re-check with every elevated reading), I do not have any headaches or blurry vision, etc. But, because there is a risk that hypertension can develop into Preeclampsia, my doctor felt it best to put me on bed rest for the next few days. My next appointment is Wednesday at which time we'll get another biophysical profile (BPP) on Tucker (which, he has always gotten a score of a 100% on), and of course, do another blood pressure check.

So, what this means for me over the next several days.....Lots of one-on-one time with the bed and the couch.... This is the part that I do need some prayers! I have already found myself "cheating" and it's only been one day! I am not one to sit and watch TV for hours, "relaxing and laying around" is very boring to me! I develop lists in my mind of things that need done or that I could be doing... Luckily, I have an absolutely amazing husband who has already tried to do everything that he thinks I may try to do before I have the chance to do it. He has also rented movies, cooked some good food that just makes you want to take a nap after you indulge, and he has given more moral support than I can convey in words!

I'll keep you all updated! Thanks in advance for the prayers and support! :)
Oh, and on a side note, my amniotic fluid level was completely normal this week. (Last week, it was slightly elevated.)


Kristin said...

I'll be keeping you in my prayers. If this gives you any peace, know that I have a healhty little girl running around the living room right now and I had full blown preeclampsia. Blood pressures were 200s over 100s at some points. I'm sure that it's scary...but know that you're at a great spot right now b/c if they have to deliver they can and both you and that sweet baby boy will be perfectly fine! Sarah Kate was born at 32 weeks...she's healthy as an ox! So, enjoy these weeks on bedrest. It's the last time you'll be so still. My doctor told me I'd thank her some day for the bedrest. Looking back...ah, it was nice! :) Hang in there, girl.

katie said...

I TOTALLY empathize with you!!! but its almost over...although I know bed rest makes time drag ooonnnn:)

Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

You are so close to meeting your beautiful baby boy, Tiff. I know that bedrest is a little tough, but enjoy this time by kicking your feet up and soaking in the relaxation. It won't last much longer;). Love you!