Thursday, October 22, 2009

1 Week Old

I can't believe Tucker is a week old! I mean, seriously! At 4:00 today, Wes asked me, "What were you doing this time a week ago?" I responded, "Pushing!"

I know that time will FLY by. I told Wes that in a year from now he'll be asking me that same question ("What were you doing this time last year?") and it will have gone by so fast. I just want to cherish every single moment of every single day with my Tucker Bug. :)

Already, Tucker has changed some and has begun to develop a little personality. To my surprise, Tucker was born with a head full of black hair. (I say "to my surprise" because for some reason, I just expected that he would not have any hair, not sure why, maybe because I had like no hair until I was 2 years old!) His head of thick black hair has begun to thin out (tear). His hair is naturally thicker right down the middle of his head, like a natural mohawk. So we decided to take a picture of Tucker with a little mohawk before he loses enough hair that we can no longer do it.

He already looks a little bigger (HUGE tear!). He only has to gain 3 1/2 ounces to be back up to his birth weight. I'm sure with a whole week to go, that he'll get there!

He is eating like CRAZY! Breastfeeding has definitely been a challenge over the past week, but Tucker and I have made a lot of progress. He started breastfeeding when he was 9 minutes old, and believe me, he knows where (or from who) his milk comes from!

Speaking of eating, what goes in, must go out... I NEVER realized how many diapers a little 7 pound human could go through! I mean Tucker needs a diaper change every time Daddy and I turn around. I'm not complaining, that's definitely a good thing. It means that he is getting plenty to eat. However, Wes and I are definitely considering buying stock in Huggies!

Tucker does not enjoy his sponge baths. He does not like to be naked. This is about the only time he cries. Mommy tries to get through bath time as quickly as possible, but Tucker feels that Mommy is a little slow.

Tucker looks so freaking cute in a "man dress"/I mean sleep sack! These are definitely a must! No messing with snaps at 4:00 am. I just wasn't sure how my little man would look in one of these. He just looks so yummy!!!! Wouldn't you agree?

Tucker has a wide range of facial expressions. He cracks me and Daddy up! When we talk to him, even when he's still sleeping, he will change his facial expressions a million times during one conversation. I told Wes we are going to have to catch this on video.

Wow! It's ONLY been a week! Wow! It's ALREADY been a week!!!

Mommy loves you Bubby!


Linz said...

Can you even believe how fast it goes?!? It's insane! Anyways-stick with the breastfeeding Tiff-it gets easier EVERY day. And the feedings will get more and more efficient as your milk really comes in. (And they'll spread out too!) And you're totally right-the more wet/dirty diapers...the better (to show he's eating enough anyways!) PS...the pictures are adorable-and i love that you call him Tucker Bug-SO cute. Can't wait to hear about labor!

Anonymous said...

He is so precious!! I can't wait to hold him! In the beginning Eli ate for 30 minutes at a time and I thought I would never be able to get anything done again except feed him! It gets better every week though. Just enjoy the newness while it lasts! It goes by so quickly! I can't wait to hear about labor too!Love you - Melissa

Stover's site said...

love the mohawk - maybe if he's lucky, his mohawk will turn to an all out mullet. :-) He is beautiful. You're right about the diapers - go to Sams...much cheaper. I'm glad feeding is going well...keep up the good work. It is hard, but worth the challenge! Love you!!!!