Sunday, June 21, 2009

No Air (No, not Jordan Sparks!)

Well, Wes and I got home last night from a day in Springfield and were greeted by a wave of hot air when we came in from the garage. Not the greeting we were expecting, that's for sure! At some point yesterday while we were gone, our AC went out!!! Grrrr! Not a good place to be when you're more than 5 months pregnant! Today we spent the day in the pool at Mom and Dad's, and of course, took the girls with us so they could enjoy the AC. Now, we're home again. It's actually not so bad in the basement and Wes is so sweet, he went out and bought some really nice fan for his pregnant wife. Hopefully the repair guys will be out tomorrow.... (Prayers welcomed and appreciated!)

This whole little "ordeal" has definitely made me appreciate the AC, that's for sure! Not something I will take for granted anytime soon!

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Jeanne said...

oh man!! that stinks! Especially when its miserably hot right now!! Thankfully you have family close by, if not, you can always come hang out in my AC!! Its NO FUN being hot and miserable when you preggers! (knowing this bc of our June baby!!)