Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It has taken me sometime to come back and post about our extremely exciting ultra sound experience (AKA Baby Keene's photo session). Believe me, I'm not without things to post about, I've just been, um, well, occupied. Okay, okay, I'll admit it.... My name is Tiffany Keene, I am a mommy-to-be to a sweet baby boy, and I am OBSESSED with nursery planning! I've been spending all my free time in the evenings researching baby bedding and cribs and designing and fantasizing about Baby Keene's nursery!!!! I'm ashamed to admit that my house keeping has been way below par, I have neglected to walk the girls a couple nights, and I have spent way too much time online at work since finding out we were having a BOY!!!! OKAY, {deep breath}, that's out.

It's just so hard to concentrate on anything else now that I know Baby Keene is a boy! I want to plan, plan, plan and do lots of exciting fun things that I had been holding off on until we knew whether we were having a boy or girl! And, let me just tell you, nursery planning is hard! You would think that I've had the past 5 months to think about what I would like for our nursery for both a boy and a girl and that I would be ready to go the moment we found out. Not the case. Believe me, I've looked but there's so much out there, I decided I would wait until my search could be narrowed to either blues or pinks. Unfortunately, my searches have brought me to some very pricey finds! I cannot believe the amount of money people pay for baby bedding! The pictures to the right are not bedding choices I've picked out, though that would be nice since I'm a fan of both. They are options I came across web surfing that are almost $1,000 for 3 or 4 piece sets!!! I just cannot believe people pay that much!!! If you know someone that sews and can pull off a knock-off look for a few hundred, you're lucky. However, I would suggest doing that and instead of using it in your nursery, selling it!!! Obviously, you could make quite a profit! :)

While I would no doubt agree that $1,000 for bedding is WAY OUT of my price range, I have found myself stretching what I think is a reasonable amount to pay for various nursery items (i.e., furniture, bedding, swivel gliders, etc.). The other night, I was explaining my nursery plans to Wes. I first asked him to close his eyes and picture himself in the room that is the nursery-to-be. I then explained the color on the walls, the furniture, the bedding, the overall atmosphere of the room. (I even included the window seat that, in my fantasy, Wes had built for the bay windows!) I was excited and wanted him to open his eyes and be able to see the same twinkle of excitement in his eyes too. WELL, instead, he looked blankly at me and said, "Can you give me a cost estimate for all this?" WHAT! NO, I cannot give you a cost estimate! Does it matter! I mean, this is our son's nursery! I'm not going overboard, it's not like I'm buying this adorable toile bedding that cost $850 or anything! GOSH! Can you really put a price on our son's happiness?!

Okay, obviously I'm exaggerating (a little). The point is, Wes was right (yes Babe, I said it!). Baby Keene would be happy in a nursery with a good, comfy mattress and some toys. Many things, like some of the bedding, will be used for such a limited amount of time, is it really worth going overboard on? Of course, I want a fabulous nursery, but don't want to break the bank to do it.

To top it off, in the mix of all my self-realization, our Sunday School lesson Sunday was on being content. I admit that I often find myself in a state of un-contentness. I often want more, mainly materialistic things. I am embarrassed to admit it and I'm ashamed that I have not been more content with the things that God has, through HIS grace, given me. About Six years ago, Wes and I were engaged, I had just started graduate school, and I had lots of goals and dreams. I wanted to marry Wes, finish graduate school, get a great job, buy a house, and have a baby. Those were my goals, my dreams, that is what I wanted. I thought once I reached those goals, those dreams, I would be happy, completely content. What more could I want? I HAVE ALL THOSE THINGS and so much more!!! I have an amazing, absolutely AMAZING husband. We are extremely blessed to have good, stable jobs, especially in this economy when there are people who do not have a job and who do not know where their next meal will come from. We have a beautiful home. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy, I absolutely love my life and could not be happier, but why is it so easy to take these things for granted and to not be content? I overly use the following phrase to Wes: "You know what we need?" And then I follow it with whatever my "want" is that I think will make me content, such as hardwood floors, a new bedroom suite, etc.

"I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I now what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry. I can do all things through him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:11-13

I pray that I will not take for granted the wonderful "things" God has so graciously blessed me with and that I will use those things to HIS glory.


Wendy Chesser said...

I was bit by the nursery bug too...
This is what our finaly nursery outcome was:
http://www.i-am-pregnant.com/nurseryrooms/wendymomma/Farmer-Baby-Room. Hope you are able to pull it up. I was lucky that my Mom bought the crib for us and a friend gave us the rocking chair and the dresser we already had and just put a changing table on top of it. I really wanted to buy the whole crib set, which included a dresser and changing table but now I'm glad that we used what we had b/c our house is overflowing with furniture as it is.

Rate My Space also has some cute nursery ideas.

The thing you have to realize is that once you get the perfect, adorable nursery put together you start getting baby gifts and have to find a place to put them having the potential to mess up your baby sanctuary. Then your bundle of joy actually arrives and throws a wrench in your perfect, clean, nursery. But all in all I've found that Eli's room is the easiest to keep clean than the rest of the house.

Best of luck with the nursery plans, but just remember - less is more. Pretty soon that baby will have more toys than you can imagine and you'll need room for them!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite websites is http://www.etsy.com. If you search "crib bedding" or look under bedding, you can find all kinds of custom stuff for reasonable prices. Many of the people who sell stuff on etsy are full time artists or stay-at-home moms/grandmas, so it's nice to support them, too.

I bought our crib and changing table/dresser off of ebay (in Shelbyville) for $250. So ebay is another place to check out for the furniture.

I agree with Wendy...less is definitely more. We changed Leni's room this past December, and therefore the baby stuff only lasted 3 years.

Jeanne said...

Nurseries are just so darn cute!!! It is so hard! I feel the same way! I am always thinking about what we 'need' or what I 'want'!

I agree with the other girls and Bernie was the same way Wes sounds. So you have to priotize. Try to find some good deals at yard sales, hand me downs, ebays, etsy.com, an so on. See what you can register for, etc. Pick the most important things to YOU and then if you have to, just splurge on the most important thing and be willing to give on everything else. Does that make sense? (ha! that kind of reminds me of wedding planning too!)
and btw--take lots of pics of that cute little nursery, bc Wendy is right--Mark tears his room up now!!lol!!