Saturday, June 25, 2011

Easter in June???

So, while I'm posting from the archives, I thought I might as well do an Easter post.  I like to do holiday posts for many reasons, but a top one is that it gives a great reference point to see how my baby boy has changed.  I can look back at last Easter's post and compare it to this pass Easter.  It's crazy to think that by next Easter, we will have a 2 1/2 year old and a 7 month old!  I took a million and one photos this Easter and had trouble narrowing them down to a few for this post, so here's several that I'll have next year to look back on and think how much time flies!

Tucker was way into the Easter Bunny this year, a huge change from the melt down we got when we tried to get a picture of him on Santa's lap at Christmas time!  He was waving to the Easter Bunny and saying, "Hi Bunny!" from the line.  When it was his turn to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap, he gave him high-fives and knuckles and was so excited!  Too bad once he got on his lap, he was so into looking at him that he didn't smile for the picture.  A great memory, none the less!

Tucker enjoyed coloring Easter eggs too.  His favorite part was fishing the eggs out of the dye with the spoon.  He kept saying, "Mine!" and wanted to color all the eggs himself.

Before church Easter morning

Tucker and all his friends at church sang some songs during "Big Church".  We had been practicing these songs for weeks and Tucker did a great job!  He shook his noise-maker and danced during the songs.  I am one of his Sunday School teachers, so I didn't have the camera to take pictures and Daddy was so busy watching and clapping for Tucker that he didn't get many pictures either.  This is about the only one that turned out.  I remember feeling so proud of Tucker as he danced, sang, and shook his noise-maker!  I was smiling ear-to-ear and had tears in my eyes!  I wished I could say the other children did a great job too, but I don't know.  I had my eyes glued on Tucker the whole time!  I'm such a proud Mama!!!

After church, Tucker came home and looked for his Easter basket.  He seemed to know right where it was!

The Easter Bunny hooked him up big time! His favorite was the 4-wheeler!

After a long time of pushing and sitting on (not yet riding) his 4-wheeler, he finally checked out what goodies were in his basket.

After a brief nap, it was time to go to Papa and Memaw's house. And can you believe it, the Easter Bunny hid a basket for him at Papa and Memaw's house! His favorite item, a chocolate bunny. I believe this was Tucker's first experience with chocolate. He was definitely a fan!

Then, it was time for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Tucker was really into finding the eggs. He took it very seriously, and even had to count his loot when he was done!

I am so thankful to have all these and many more memories of celebrating the resurrection of our Christ.....for the last time as a family of three....WOW! 

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Mommy Webb said...

I cannot look at this post without thinking of the 700 copies of his Easter picture in your purse - complete with two keychains for wallets. Ha! It's never too late to write about a memory, so Easter in June is just fine by me:).