Thursday, June 30, 2011

19 & 20 Months

I look so innocent!
Don't let the smile fool you!

I can be rotten!!!

At 20 months,

1.  You love babies!  Every time you see a baby, you point it out to us and want to go see it.  You are very gentle with babies and even have this form of "baby talk" you do.  It's so sweet!  You're going to be such a great big brother!!!

2.  Daddy and I are back to 2 syllables!  That's right, we're no longer "Da" and "Ma", but "Daddy" and "Mommy/Mama" (you go back and forth on what you call me). 

3.  You LOVE LOVE LOVE trucks, buses, trains, tractors, helicopters, and airplanes.  You know each one by name (though for some reason, you call helicopters "statues" lol!), and you have discriminating sounds/motions for each one.
Ready to go to the Tractor Pull at the County Fair!
4.  You also LOVE the song The Wheels on the Bus.  You know all the words, sounds and motions.  Sometimes I'll hear you singing it when you're playing by yourself or we're riding in the car.  You'll go through each one of the things (horn, door, wheels, people, babies, mommies, wipers, etc.), doing the motions and making the sounds then you'll say, "all through town." 

5.  You're talking  in phrases and sentences.  Most of your sentences start with "I want (fill in the blank)." 

6.  You are known to most people as "Tucker Bug."  Even many of your friends call you "Tucker Bug."  Other nick names at this point include "Buddy" (mostly by Daddy), Baby Bear (mostly by Mommy), Bubby (still occasionally used by Mommy & Daddy, though I think you're out-growing it), "Tuck" (by a few other people, Daddy and I rarely call you this). 

7.  You consistently know the colors blue, orange, yellow, and white.  You will refer to things by these descriptions as well.  For example, you will say, "Blue car!"

8.  You count things and also count before you shoot a basketball.  But you always count, "9-6-8."  Not sure why, but it's pretty cute!  :)  If you have 2 things, you will say "1-2."

9.  Daddy has raised your basketball goal up and you have to actually shoot the ball up to make a goal.  At first Mommy thought it was too high and told Daddy to lower it, then I saw you in action!  You are really good!!!  (Still shooting left-handed.)

10.  You drink milk a lot and ask for it a lot.  At one point in time, Mommy thought you would never drink milk unless it was Mommy's milk.  I was definitely wrong! 

11.  You love other kids and know many of your friends by name.  You get so excited when your friends come over!  You're very caring towards your friends.  The other day, our friend Makenly was over and it was lunch time.  Mommy told you it was time to eat and you went to Makenly and said, "Ninley, wanna eat?"

12.  You pick out what you want for breakfast.  When we get up in the morning, you run to the kitchen and start rummaging through the cabinets deciding what you want to eat.

13.  You LOVE to wrestle with Daddy  :)

"I'm gonna get you, Daddy!"

Giving Daddy a kiss :)

14.  You have peed in the potty several times.  We haven't actually started potty training, but Daddy and I noticed that if you had to pee while in the bath tub, you would always stand up and get this 'look' on your face, indicating you knew it was coming.  So, we got a potty and started sitting you on it before bath time and anytime you stood up like that while in the tub.  Before long, if you had to pee while in the tub, you would stand up and say, "Pee pee!" and pee in the potty.  One time, you came to me in the middle of the day and said, "Pee pee!"  I asked you, "Do you want to pee in the potty?" and you replied, "Potty!" and ran to the bathroom.  We took off your diaper and you peed in the potty!  That's been a couple weeks ago and it hasn't happened since then, but you do go in the potty sometimes before your bath and you come to me after you've had a poopy and tell me, "Ew! Stinks!"  So, we're thinking we might be getting close to the time to start potty training....

15.  You have finally started to ride the four wheeler the Easter Bunny brought you.  Before, you were only interested in pushing it around, but didn't want to sit on it.  You're getting better at steering it too!

16.  You still love to sing "Happy Birthday" and will break out in that song at any random time.  You always sing, "Happy, Happy, Hap Boo Mommy Daddy Tucker!" 

17.  You finally cut your top 2 canine teeth and are working on your 2-year-old molars.

18.  A warning that you will have to go to time-out usually corrects any behavior pretty easily.  You do not like being in time-out, but will sit in it for the full minute.

19.  You are sleeping about 10-11 hours at night and take a 3 hour nap.

20.  You are real into doing things yourself and will always say, "Tucker do it!"  Sometimes if I start to sing you a song or read a book, you will say, "Mommy, no. Tucker!" and sing the song or take over the book. 

21.  You pick up on things that Daddy and I say in conversation, even when we think you're not listening.  For example, if we even mention ice cream, (even if we whisper it!) you are sure to jump in with, "I want me meam!"  ("me meam" is what you call "ice cream" lol!)  The other day, we were on our way to the zoo and Daddy and I were talking about our upcoming trip to the beach.  You jumped in, "I wanna go to beach!"  For the remainder of the drive to the zoo, anytime I tried to get you excited about the zoo and tell you what animals you would see, you would say, "Mommy no. I wanna go to beach!"  Just goes to show, Daddy and I have to be real careful about what we say around you!  There's no telling what you'll pick up on!

22.  You're real into pretend play.  You will pretend you're cooking and bring it to us to eat, pretend you're leaving and walk out of the room saying, "Bye, Mommy. Car. Work," (meaning you're leaving to go to work in your car, like Daddy does :)) and shut the door behind you, pretend you're talking on the phone,

23.  You love to do art projects.  Finger painting, coloring, playing with play dough, making things for Daddy, you enjoy it all!

(I went a little over 20, but I'm combining two months into one post, so I'm allowed lol!)

It just seems like you are growing up so fast!  You have really turned into such a big boy these past few months!  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of all the things you can do and how smart you are, but you are no longer our little baby, that's for sure!  You're becoming more and more independent and have developed such a sweet personality.  You're so happy and loving!  There are many days that I miss the little baby I held in my arms and I just can't believe you are now such a big boy!  Daddy and Mommy love you so much, Tucker Bug!!!


James&Eileen said...

You have such a smart little boy on your hands!!! He'll have so much to teach his little sister!! ;)

Stover's site said...

What a great post. He is so cute! So so so precious. Love you and miss you!