Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tucker Visits the Hair Salon

Yesterday I had a hair appointment scheduled for 4:15. Wes had planned on coming home early so I could make the appointment. Jamie, my amazing hair stylist, called to say she had some cancellations and asked if I could come in earlier at 2:00. I explained to her that I had Tucker and my husband wouldn't be home until 4:00. She suggested that I bring him, saying she would love to see him. "Well, I guess I could do that," was my response. I figured I take Tucker everywhere else and he always does really well, why not the hair salon! And he did great! I took his stroller and he slept mostly, but when he did wake up, he just looked around as usual. He was so patient as Mommy got a hair cut and brow wax. That's my little man! The pictures are from tonight after I got him ready for bed (which explains the aquafor on his cheeks! :)
As you can see, I got BANGS! I think the last time I had bangs was in high school and we just won't go there regarding how long ago that was! :)
And why not include a few pictures of Daddy and Tucker playing a little before bedtime :)

Tucker LOVES his Daddy :)


Kristin said...

LOVE your bangs! Too cute! And my heavens is Tucker cute! I'm dying to get to see/hold him before he gets any bigger. Meghan and I NEED to work out a date with you and just come. He's adorable, Tiffany and you can tell you guys are over the moon about him. Isn't being a mommy fun!?

Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

Hot Mama - your bangs look so good. And I can relate to your milk dilemna. We finally ran out of room in our freezer. Ridiculous! Love you, Tiff.

Jeanne said...

VERY Cute hair do!!!

Mama Perks said...

Jeez! Sure is EASY to see where TuckerBug gets his good looks from :)