Friday, January 15, 2010

3 Months!!!

My Sweet, Sweet Bubby,

Wow! Three months already! I know I said this in your 1 month letter and then in your 2 month letter, but I have to say it again: You are growing up so fast and time is literally flying by!!! There is not a day that goes by that Daddy and I don't stare in amazement and say, "Look how big he is!" At your doctor appointment last week, you were 14 pounds, 3 ounces! That's an ounce away from doubling your birth weight, so it's no wonder we can't get over how fast you're growing! You are filling out your 6 months clothes completely and some of your jammies and onsies are even 6-9 months! You continue to be L-O-N-G! Just don't grow up too fast....let Mommy enjoy her baby boy!
"So that's where all Mommy's milk goes!"

Besides being a big boy, you are one happy, happy boy! It doesn't take much for you to be in a good mood. You wake up smiling, whether it's 5:00 am or 8:00 am, one look in your bassinet from Mommy and you light up! {Yes, you are still in your bassinet.... But, that's not your fault, it's Mommy's.... You would be fine to sleep in your crib, but Mommy has an attachment issue that we won't go into here.} Anyway, you laugh so hard sometimes that you squeal! That sound is truly the most beautiful sound in the world!
Besides smiling, you talk, talk, talk, talk! You even clearly said "mom-mom" TWICE! The best part, Daddy was around to hear it! Okay, okay, so maybe you were just putting together consonants and vowels and it came out sounding like "mom-mom", but between you and I, I know you were calling for your Mommy. We'll just let Daddy think that it was a coincident (wink-wink). You babble all the time. You love to take part in a conversation. A couple weekends ago, we had several people over and everyone was gathered in the kitchen. You were in your bouncy seat on the bar and you just started talking and talking, getting louder and louder demanding attention!

A change from last month, you LOVE your hands! You hold them together all the time, playing with them. You look at them and they are ALWAYS in your mouth! You have even managed to fit your whole fist in your mouth a few times, but usually its a few fingers that you suck on as you watch the world around you. This creates some slobber, see pic. :)

You finally got your 8 week shots last week (January 12th). That was NOT a fun time, for any of us! The first vaccine was an oral one and you had no problems with that. You smiled and talked to the nurse as she gave you the medicine and you swallowed it like a pro. The nurse even commented on how well you were taking it (if only she knew how much you like to eat anything that goes near your mouth!). But all that flirting with the pretty nurse didn't get you out of your shots... When that mean needle went into your leg, you cried like I had never heard you cry before. I had to wait for what felt like FOREVER before the nurse was done so I could pick you up and love on you. You didn't cry too long, instead you did this humming/whining/talking thing. I think you were asking me how I could allow that lady to hurt you... You were definitely letting me know that you were not happy about what had just happened. Mommy cried longer than you did...and even though Daddy didn't cry, I think he wanted to... And in only a few short weeks we have your 4 month shots.... You have finally started to enjoy tummy time. You raise yourself up, lifting your head and chest off the ground. You're not quite rolling over yet, but you're SO close! If only that dang arm didn't get in the way...
Oh, and you absolutely LOVE bath time! Daddy taught you how to really splash by kicking your legs. I mean REALLY splash! Water gets all over the bathroom floor, Mommy and Daddy get wet. We all have a good time! You get this determined look on your face and you kick those legs like it's your job! Mommy always tells you what a "good kicker you are!"

Those are just a few of the highlights of the past month. Oh how I wish I could put into words the love that your Daddy and I have for you.

All I can say is Tucker Bug, you ROCK our world!

Mommy and Daddy LOVE you more than you will ever, ever know!

ALL my love,

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Jeanne said...

Cute post! The time does FLY by!!! He is soo cute! I love that big ol' baby belly and the close up ones of him!!! keep them coming!