Monday, January 25, 2010

To Dig or Not to Dig, THAT is the Question!

Oh how I wish I was posting these pictures to tell y'all that I was getting some new landscaping done, wouldn't that be nice? In reality, these are pictures of Wes and my dad digging up my landscape to find a busted pipe. :( Yes, we had a pipe bust or crack or something from freezing. Hopefully they'll find the broken pipe and fix it soon. (And considering they are out there working on it as I type and that these pictures were taken only moments ago, this is actually a real-time post! Take that "slackerville!") :)
Well, at least Wes and I will have no choice but to attend to the landscape soon now! I'm just hoping my bushes survive being dug up and tossed to the side!

(I know it looks like in the pics that my Dad is making Wes do all the digging, but I promise that wasn't the case! They were taking turns. It just happened to be Wes's turn when I snap the photos.)

Thanks so much for coming to help, Dad!!!


ollie said...

Super cute blog Tiffany! FYI, I sporadically blog myself. Here's the address if you're interested: I know, it's a weird name. I'm still not sure why on earth I picked THAT. Oh well!

Marsh Family said...

Bless your heart...busted pipes stink. Hope you get it fixed soon.