Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Makenzie Renee!

Our neice, Makenzie Renee, turned 2 on March 12th. I still can't believe she is 2 years old already! She is definately a big girl, growing up fast! She loves "girly" things. I'm sure she gets that from her mommy! :) She LOVES shoes! When she gets a new pair, she NEVER wants to take them off! She LOVES purses too! I think she has more purses than I do! She loves to put fun stuff in them and carry them around. Another favorite activity of hers is bossing her big brothers around. Imagine that!? She will put her hands on her hips and let them know what they need to do. Of course, she absoletuly LOVES her big brothers! Makenzie is such a smart girl too! I'm always amazed at her vocabulary for her age. She easily says 5+ word sentences. Her favorite thing to say right now is a response to her Mommy asking her to do something. She has started to say, "I'll do it in a minute, Mommy, okay?"

I actually have a funny Makenzie story that just happened last night. I was visiting my Grandma, Mom, and Bridgette and the kids last night at Mom and Dad's. It was almost time for dinner, but Makenzie was getting a little hungry. I was standing in the kitchen by the "snack drawer". Makenzie opened the drawer and said, "I want some popcorn." I told her to ask her Mommy since it was almost time for dinner. Bridgette was sitting in the living room, so Makenzie yelled to her, "Mommy, can I have some popcorn?" Bridgette responed, "No, it's almost time for dinner." Makenzie looked right at me and said, "My Mommy said I can have popcorn." I couldn't help but laugh a little before saying, "No she didn't. She said no it's almost time for dinner." Makenzie just gave a little laugh, like as to say, "I know, but I had to try." We all couldn't help but to laugh! :) Who can blame her!

Anyway, Makenzie, don't grow up too fast! Uncle Wes and Aunt Tiff enjoy your sweet, funny personality and we love you VERY, VERY much! :)

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