Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Xavien O'neal!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Xavien!!!!

Xavien O’neal turned 1 yesterday, March 2nd! Xavien is our nephew, Wesley’s sister Jasmine’s son. He is the first baby I got to witness being born, and I cannot believe that has been a year ago! He is beginning to walk, and though he’s still a little wobbly, he’s got it down pat! He also knows what he wants! One of the things we got him for his birthday was a Walk ‘n Ride. While Wes was putting it together, Xavien was watching and telling him to hurry up! He was ready to see what he could do with his newest toy! What amazes me the most about Xavien is his receptive language skills. He seems to understand anything that’s said to him!

Most people say he looks like his Uncle Wes. Since I think he is so darn cute, I don’t mind hearing that at all! I don’t know, what do you all think?

Happy Birthday, X! Uncle Wes and Aunt Tiff love, love, love you!!!! (And your mommy too!!!)

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