Monday, April 29, 2013

Potty Learning!

Guess who has been potty learning???

This girl!
 Yep, about a week ago (right before she turned 19 months), she decided she had it with diapers.
Once she made the decision, there was no going back.
She has spent her days at home in big girl "undies" and when we go out she's in a pull up.
However, she has not went in a pull up one single time.  
She has used the potty at the zoo, Qdoba, the port-a-potties at the Balloon Glow, church, friends' houses....and she stays dry in between.  
I'm thinking we're going to take the next step and move into big girl undies all the time!  

Yeah, she's just too fabulous for diapers :).

Daddy's shoes and big girl undies!

In other news, this little potty-goer's brother has been teaming up with the boy next door to build rockets.
All boy.

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