Saturday, April 27, 2013

Balloon Glow 2013

We went to the Balloon Glow for the first time ever.
It was awesome!  
Very cool to watch the hot air balloons inflated, and even cooler to watch them do so in unison at night!

A few pics:
 Gracie LOVED watching the balloons get "fired up".  She clapped and cheered.
 Mesmerized! Tucker also loved it.  On the way home, he asked Wes and  I what we thought was more awesome, the Balloon Glow or garbage trucks.  Yep, he's ALL boy!
 Daddy & Gracie were pretty mesmerized as well!

 We ran into a few friends there as well.
The Lawyer's, Blake, Katelyn & Tinley
 The Wade's, Matt, Danielle, Harrison & Harper
 Gracie sharing with Tinley
 A happy girl popping bubbles :).

On the way home tonight, I couldn't help but smile and feel so incredibly blessed.  Gracie was fast asleep.  Tucker was watching The Lion King.  Wes was singing along with the radio.  We had had a great time doing something new together.  This is the stuff that I look forward to doing with our family.  Making memories.  Big memories, but also small memories.  Just having fun.  Enjoying life.  Enjoying each other.  
I absolutely LOVE my sweet family!  Blessed.

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Kendra Lynne said...

This is awesome! I've watched a hot air balloon take off once but having a bunch take off at night, lighting up the sky would be perfect. And I love you and your sweet family too! ;)