Monday, February 11, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dinner & Dance

I know!  

What could be sweeter than a Daddy-Daughter Dance!?!  

The only thing I can think of is THIS Daddy and THIS Daughter ;):

Too sweet for words!  Seriously, when I first saw that picture, tears welled up in my eyes....

And Wes was doubly lucky because he also got to escort our niece, Makenzie, to the dance!
One VERY lucky Daddy ;).

(Thanks for the pictures, Melissa Bean of Melissa Mann Photography!)

Some other pics of the night:

Wow! What a party, Daddy!

Dance with me, Daddy!  
And, of course Daddy did!

Clap, Clap, Clap your hands!

Makenzie & Uncle Wes!

Makenzie was SO excited for the dance!  She's so beautiful!

This little princess was also excited! :)
A few pictures of some other little girls and their daddies:
Torrey with Presley & Ella Kate

Rocky & Avery

David & Ruby

Warren & Lee
Steve with his beautiful girls, Kalia & Alaya

And, of course there was dancing!

Would it be a little girl's Daddy Daughter Dance without ring around the roses?
or duck-duck-goose?
Somehow, even the daddies started playing duck-duck-goose!

I love taking pictures when they don't know I'm looking....  :)

I know one thing for sure, this little girl

and this little girl

enjoyed their date with this guy ;).

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Stover's site said...

okay I am crying... so sweet. What a blessing our wonderful men of the Lord are.