Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Day Out With Thomas

I've been trying to get the pictures on our computer cleaned up and moved over to our portable hard drive in order to free up some space on the computer.  Anyway, as I'm going through old pictures, Tucker joins me. We come across the pics from when we went to see the REAL Thomas the Train last June.  Tucker LOVED it!  I was in my blogging funk during that time so I never posted pictures....  But, better late than never!!!

Tucker was SO excited to see the real Thomas the Train!  
He's never gotten into Thomas big time or anything, but he definitely knows who he is and loves to play with his trains.
I love the picture below.  Look at how beautiful the sky is!

Of course, the real fun was actually getting to ride in one of Thomas's cars!
 Tucker loved every minute of it....
 Especially the part where we rode past the old trains that had been retired.
Pointing out the different trains
In fact, he was so excited that he had to show Gracie some love lol!
Little Sissy loved it too!

 However, she spent most of the train ride doing this....
 Tucker couldn't stop smiling ;)

There were lots of other fun stuff to do as well.
There were these big stuffed animals to ride that moved by themselves.
Gracie wasn't so sure about them... 
 But Tucker was all about it and did not want Daddy to help him steer at all!
The pic below was the best one I got because trying to keep Gracie on my lap, steer the cow, and snap a picture was almost more multi-tasking than I could handle!

 There were also put-put stations set up.

Another big attraction was the train tables that were set up.  There must have been 50 train tables for the kids to play with.  However, there are no pictures of that because we were busy keeping up to Tucker and refereeing.  Yea, Wes called that area Toddler Fight Club and Melt Down Central lol!  It never failed that the train Tucker had, another kid wanted and vise-versa.  And every time it was time for a kid to leave, their parents were packing them out kicking and screaming!  Luckily, we were able to bribe distract Tucker with some lemon-ice!  As cool as it was to have all those train tables there, I would not be disappointed if they did not make a return next year...

If you get a chance to go to A Day Out with Thomas in an area near you, I would highly recommend it.  
We will be going back this year.  Some advice though, choose the early ride (I think the first one is at 9:00).  We were on that ride and it was not the least bit crowded.  However, when we got off the ride, there were a ton of people waiting for the next one.  Also, get there well before 9:00 and play with the train tables and other things set up before the ride, that way it won't be nearly as busy.

One happy boy!

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