Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm Back (at least I hope!)

Oh my gosh, it has been FOREVER! 
But, in all that time, this blog has not been forgotten.  I have wanted to come back so many times, but life got in the way.  Yeah, something about having baby #2 that does that to ya..... 

I am always worrying that Gracie will think I don't love her as much as I do Tucker due to the lack of posts on her....  I feel very guilty about failing to document her life the past (almost) 4 months as much as I did Tucker's first 4 months.  I'm hoping that she will understand how much more time I had when it was only Tucker.  Besides, a large portion of my lack of time to dedicate to this blog is in fact HER fault!  That girl does not sleep!  She's a night owl who views the hours between 8:30 and midnight as her chance to have Mommy and Daddy's undivided attention while Tucker Bug is snoozing away.  And during the day, well that's no different.  Why sleep at the same time as Tucker does (or why sleep at all!) when that is time she can have Mommy all to herself!?  Yeah I'm not quite sure why when I was 9 months pregnant and enduring sleepless nights due to insomnia, my literally larger than life belly, and Gracie dancing on all my organs that I looked forward to her actually getting here so that I could sleep.  I've definitely grown accustom to surviving on very little sleep these days. 

But, with all that said, sweet Gracie and that devious brother of hers are way worth it.  In every way possible.

So, Gracie, know that when Mommy wasn't blogging about you, I was instead spending that time loving on you, smothering you with kisses, making silly faces at you, NURSING you, rocking you, singing to you, changing a GAZILLION of your dirty diapers, dancing with you in the kitchen, and just plain staring at your gorgeous-ness!

Pretty much, we've been busy, the FOUR of us, living life versus documenting it.  I do plan to do a quick photo recap of Christmas.  (After all, it was Gracie's first!)  And I HAVE to update you on Tucker, and give you a glimpse into Gracie's ever-developing personality.  So, stay tuned!

Until then:

Do you think my babies look alike?
Taken 12/17/2011

What about Daddy & Tucker?  Everyone says Tucker's "Lil' Wes"  :)
Taken 12/18/2011 After church service

And what about my little princess?  She's got my eyes, right??  Yeah, I'm probably pushing it...
Taken 12/24/2011, before bed on Christmas Eve

And just to prove that even with two kiddos, Daddy and I still manage to get out ONCE in a while:
Date night, 12/23/2011

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Mama Perks said...

Hiiiiiiii! TIFF! You are SO gorgeous! Seriously-you look stunning in these pics!!! Motherhood for two children suits you ;) Miss and love ya girl!!!