Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Hearts are Forever Stretched

8 weeks old

My Sweet, Sweet Gracie,
Wow how time flies!  You are 9 weeks and a day today!  (Your "updates" are coming soon!)  I cannot believe it has been that long ago that you entered our family, then again, I can't believe it has only been 9 weeks!  You have fit seamlessly into our family and have stretched our hearts beyond imaginable!  (Now, don't let that lead you to believe things have always been smooth sailing!  We have had our ups and downs, but every 'down' has been worth it by far!)  I confess that before you were born I wondered how I would ever love two babies....but when you came, you brought with you an ability to love more than I ever dreamed possible.  And love you we do! 

You have your Daddy wrapped all kinds of ways around that little finger of yours!  It makes me smile and tear up at the same time to picture the way he looks at you.  He would do absolutely anything and everything for you.  He would literally move heaven and earth to make you happy!  Man do I feel bad for your future boyfriends!  They are gonna have it R-O-U-G-H!  You are "Daddy's Little Girl" for sure.  
2 weeks old

However, you and I have a very special bond too.  Gracie, Mommy loves you to the moon and back times infinite!  I can't look at you without feeling an overwhelming love for you that I struggle to put into words.  My heart over flows with love for you.  I thank God a thousand times a day for stretching our family and our hearts by blessing us with you.  
6 weeks old
And that brother of yours has loved you from the day he laid eyes on you.  You are HIS Baby Gracie.  Any time someone besides Mommy or Daddy hold you, he immediately becomes concerned.  "Mommy, get her!" he will direct me.  "That's MY Baby Gracie!"  I have a feeling that protective instinct he holds for you will be with him always.  While your future boyfriends may have a rough way to go when it comes to your Daddy, I'm thinking the one they will really need to watch out for is that big brother of yours!  Every chance he gets, he lays a kiss on you, hugs you, holds you.  He has to watch me change every diaper.  If you start to fuss he'll say, "Where's her paci at, Mommy?" and start to shush you or sing to you.  He loves when your hand touches him.  "Mommy! Baby Gracie touches me!"  He is completely in love with his baby sister.  This makes Mommy's heart smile SO big!  
Tucker 24 1/2 months, Gracie 4 weeks

Tucker 25 months. Gracie 8 weeks
And just look at the way you look that big brother!  You adore him and love him right back.  When he starts talking, you stop and listen then start to look around the room for him.  I'll tell Tucker, "Gracie's looking for you!" and he will come running with a huge grin on his face!  He can always make you smile and when he does, he'll say, "Gracie say I funny!"   
My babies

In one of the letters I wrote Tucker, I remember saying, "Our lives are
forever changed, forever better."  Little did I know then what our life would be like once it was again forever changed.  

We love you more than words could ever convey!  You are our "Lil Momma" and you have turned this family of 3 into a family of 4 and we are forever grateful for that!
Mommy loves you!!!


Danielle Wade said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love her little smile :) Looks like Tucker is loving the role of big brother!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your blog and read it from time to time...I am curious where you got her pink chair. I am looking for one for my daughter for Christmas :)

Tucker's Mama said...

Hi Anonymous!
Thanks for reading ;)
I got her chair at USA Baby in L-ville off of Hurstborne. That's also where I got Tucker's green one that you can see in the picture of him kissing her. They have lots of styles and lots of fabric choices. A bit pricey, but well worth it in my opinion! As a side note, the brand of Tucker's chair is Best Chair where as Gracie's is by Little Castle and I think the quality of Tucker's chair is way better (even though Gracie's was more expensive!).

Stover's site said...

I love your sweet family! The last picture could be on the cover of any baby magazine. Seriously. Miss you lots!!! Girls night - SOON!