Friday, October 8, 2010

First Day of School....

Well, sort of!

A friend of mine, Jody, keeps Tucker on days I work (every Monday & Tuesday and every other Thursday). Jody has a son, Jayden, who is 3 months younger than Tucker. Tucker and Jayden have so much fun and Tucker loves Jody and Jayden!
This week, Jody has been on vacation. Today, Tucker spent the day at "school". Actually, a friend of mine works at an awesome place, Associates in Pediatric Therapy, where they have a small daycare for their employees' children. The owner of APT allowed for me to bring Tucker to their daycare today.

I explained to Tucker that he was going to school today. He seemed to be contemplating the idea on the way there:
And when we pulled up to the building, I think he was still a little unsure:
"Mama, what is this school place?"
But as soon as we walked in the door and he saw the other kids and all the toys, he was sold! He wanted down right away and was not at all concerned when I left. When I returned at the end of the day, I pretty much found him the same way I left him, busy playing with all the toys. Once he noticed me, he crawled to me as quickly as he could, just like he does when I pick him up from Jody's, and immediately began pointing to things, showing me what he had done all day. He showed me the truck he had played with, the big plastic slide (he REALLY wants one of those!), and even went up to a couple of the kids, patting them as though he was trying to introduce me to his friends! It was so cute! Then, when it was time to leave, he DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE! He kept trying to get out of my arms, mostly to climb up the slide again. I guess he had a pretty good time at school! Hopefully he feels the same way in a few years when it's time to start school for real! :)

Wes and I have always talked about looking for a daycare/preschool setting the school year that Tucker turns 2 (which is next school year!). I am a huge advocate for children being in that type of setting. Not only does it allow for them to develop all kinds of social skills, but also become accustomed to a school-like routine, learn to appreciate rules and boundaries, and be exposed to and experience a plethora of things that I may not expose him to just staying home with him(and as we all know, the more experiences a child has, the more incidental learning takes place!). However, next school year just sounds so soon, I admit I already feel anxious about the idea. But, after today's positive experience, I'm feeling a little better!
Thanks SO much to Associates in Pediatric Therapy for allowing me to bring Tucker today AND for taking such GREAT care of him!


Jeanne said...

Aww! No problem Tiff! I am glad it worked out. It doesn't always work that we had an opening. Tucker is such a good boy. We do have fabulous workers and they love our children like their own. We feel so blessed!

Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

How cute - I love the APT office and I'm sure they have a great set up for the kiddos.