Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Baby No More...

Tonight, I gave my baby a bath for the last time.
Tonight, I read to my baby for the last time.
Tonight, Wes and I prayed over our baby for the last time.
Tonight, I nursed my baby for the last time.
Tonight, I rocked and rocked and rocked (because I just couldn't put him in his crib) my baby for the last time. (And cried for the 3rd time today!)

Tomorrow when I do all this, it won't be with my baby anymore, but my toddler!

I'm not sure why I'm so emotional about Tucker turning one tomorrow. It's weird. Like the kind of emotional you get while watching laundry detergent commercials during pregnancy and break out in tears for no reason. That happened to me 3 times today ! And, no, I'm not pregnant. I'm just a Mommy who wonders where the past year has gone. A Mommy who doesn't want subsequent years to go by as fast. A Mommy who wants to hold onto her baby for a little bit longer yet. BUT, I am also a Mommy who is enjoying all the perks of my growing baby boy! I'm a Mommy who is looking forward to walking into my toddler's room in the morning and picking up my sweet, sweet, big boy, kissing him all over his sweet face, and inhaling every bit of his heart-melting smile!

Here's the last picture of my baby!


Jeanne said...

Awww! It is so bittersweet! I am glad you are being so present in this situation! It does go by SOOO fast. It might be something only Mommies thing are such a big deal. The good thing is that even though you will have a 'big boy' on your hands, for a long time he will still love his momma somethin' fierce and at times he will want to be 'your baby'. I am still getting it at 3 years. It's like a constant struggle btw 'big boy' verse 'baby'. It doesn't matter....its ALL good!!!!
Lovin you guys and prayin for you!!!

Stover's site said...

awww girl. No you ot me all teary too. :-) I cry before every birthday... don't know why!!!! toddler hood is so fun. You'll still long for some snuggle time, but when he realy starts communicating with you, you'll be cracking up all the time. Love you!!! He'll always love his momma - no matter how big he gets!!!!