Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I know it's a been a while since I posted last.... I actually have a real excuse this time.... As much as it pains me to write these words, here they go: I started back to work last week. Yeah, it's true, and yes, it's even more difficult than I thought it would be. While I do feel extremely blessed to have been home for 15 1/2 weeks (I have absolutely no idea how mamas go back after only 6 weeks!), it has been the most difficult thing I have done as Tucker's Mom thus far. I don't want to dwell on it too much right now though because I'm currently enjoying a snow day (at least I do work a school schedule, and you can't beat that!), and I want to relish in every moment of extra time I get with my Tuckerbug! I will say that we have an awesome sitter, a friend of mine who loves Tucker and who I trust to take good care of him. It also makes me feel a little better to know that kiddos who have working mamas are no less adjusted than their counterpart peers. (Believe me, in my line of work, I see just as many maladjusted kiddos from households with stay-at-home-mamas/daddies as those with working parents! Just trying to help alleviate the inevitable guilt that comes along with being a working mommy...) But, even with that said, it doesn't make me leaving my Bubby any easier.... :(

Like I said, we aren't going to dwell on it any further... It sucks, but it's how it is for the time being.
So, here are some pics of what the Keene's are up to today:
Wes is shoveling the drive
The girls are playing in the snow
Tucker and I are enjoying the heat (just a pic of Tucker, I don't look as cute when I'm sleeping)

I hope y'all are keeping warm and are enjoying every ounce of extra time you get to spend with your loved ones! :)


Linz said...

Snow Day=God's little gift to working Mama's and people who work at schools right?!?

Jeanne said...

I have been waiting for a new blog post! I figured work got you down!! I think your right, Tucker is in GREAT hands! Won't be too long and your off for a few months!!! Enjoy the snow days! Tucker is getting so BIG!!!!