Thursday, July 30, 2009

Babymoon 2009

Wes and I just returned from some much-needed R & R, our "Babymoon" as you could call it! This summer has been so busy for us, that it was so great to get away, just the two of us! Wes scheduled a vacation that allowed us to have lots and lots of quality one-on-one time.

We had beautiful weather and a great hotel right on the beach that we definitely took advantage of. We spent hours just relaxing on the beach and playing in the ocean. That's right, my 6 1/2 month pregnant butt was jumping into waves and swimming with the fishies!

Some things I learned about vacationing while prego:
* A 10 hour drive coupled with heat and humidity equals 2 swelled up feet! Something I've been able to avoid thus far. Don't worry, the swelling didn't last too long and so far, I've still got ankles! (Yes, I'm holding onto that as long as I possibly can!)
* We all know that walking in sand is hard. Well, it's even harder when you're pregnant!
* Another thing that's harder when you're pregnant is getting up out of those beach chairs! Did they always sit so dang low to the ground?
* Relaxing on the beach can wear you out!
* 9:30 p.m. feels like midnight!
* The most important thing when in an unfamiliar place is to immediately learn where all the restrooms are!
* I found myself watching other people's kids to make sure they didn't hurt themselves or get too close to the waves if they were young. Does that mean I'm going to be an over-protective mom?
* I couldn't help but think about what our family vacation will be like next summer, with Tucker playing in the sand.
* I have an amazing husband! (Okay, this one I already knew, but he never fails to remind me how truly amazing he is!)


Jeanne said...

awww! Glad you had a great time! You will need that R&R before school starts and before that baby comes!

you will cherish your time alone! after the baby comes that alone time is alot harder!

Stover's site said...

9:30 pm will feel like midnight for many years to come. :-0 (it's 10:30 right now and it feels like 2am) See ya tomorrow at church! Glad ya'll had fun!