Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Loves.

*Warning, a GAZILLION and one pictures in this photo post ;).

These pictures were taken when Tucker was right about 4 1/2 and Gracie a little over 2 1/2.

Tucker is kind, sweet, caring, inquisitive, protective (especially of his little sister), intelligent, curious, independent, empathetic, encouraging, a processor and analyser, a pleaser, loving, gentle, a motivator, and leader. 

Gracie is sweet, loving, caring, feisty, loud, strong, tough, intelligent, spontaneous, friendly, social, talkative, independent,  kind, gentle, spunky, lives life out loud and in color, and has just enough sass.

The photographer, Anna Henry, did an amazing job capturing all these things, but my favorite is their evident love for each other :).


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Stover's site said...

beautiful pictures. I love their curly heads!!! Perfection.